#27 Actress

My line is coming up.

My line is coming up.

Oh, shit, my line is coming up.

All he has to do is put a ‘shilling’ in my hand and then all I have to do is..

Not die?

No one is looking at me. If I ran off now, no one would notice.

Oh, God… he’s coming over. He has the ‘shilling’ in his hand. Please, don’t die, body. Please don’t go cold and freeze.

“Here,” he says. “One red rose for my—”

“Here you are, sir.”

“Cut! Cut!” The director is screaming. What have I done? I should never even have tried to be an actress. I can only fail. It was only one line and I screwed it up.

“Come on,” the director pleads. “If you mess this line up, Joan, how on Earth are you going to kiss him?”

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