Almost The Whole World In My Hands

I sat down.

I couldn’t believe it; father was dying. The royal staff sat around me in their elegant black and gold robes.

“You know this is wrong, right?” I said looking at them sourly

“Sire, tis tradition.” My servants murmured altogether

“To Hell with tradition!” I screamed “You don’t recognize the sin you are making me commit!”

“Your country needs you sire.” whispered one of the younger maids

I leapt up from the chair in the hallway and began to walk down the hall. My entourage followed.

“Letting a teenager lead our country.” whispered a maid “Great sin indeed.”

I turned around in a flash. I was perfectly allowed and capable to question myself! But no other was even allowed to think that!

“Who said that?!” I screeched angrily as I turned around

My question was answered with a slap to the face from my Mother.

“I’ll lead the kingdom until you come of age.”

I sighed and sat down.

I was coming of age in a week.

“God help us all.” I whispered.

The Empire of Persia would never be the same.

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