Time Heals All Wounds (II)

“Mom, I really—” She gets up from off the couch and gets closer to me, her hands holding the hideous shirt.

“Try it on, come on!” She begs. I grab the shirt, but she stares at me. Does she want me to try it on here? In front of her? No…

“Can I have some privacy?” I ask.

“I’ve s-seen you naked before, h-honey,” She insists. I sigh, there is no way she’s letting me out of this, but how am I going to hide my stomach? I grab the plaid shirt and begin to remove my shirt slowly. Before I can finish stripping, the worst possible thing in the world that could happen at this moment happens, my father comes home.

“Honey! Come look at Stacie in this shirt!” She idiotically yells.

“What the fu…” I hear my dad mumble as he passes by me and stands next to my mother. My parents watch me as I begin to remove my shirt again, this time, do it slower than ever, but they don’t look away.

When I’m down to only my bra, my mom’s mouth drops and my father takes a step forward towards me.

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