Bookmark Part 2

1 hour later.

The theatre created an isolated universe for Arthur, free from the frustrations of his day. No further catalysts to further his anger and frustration. And it was funny as hell to boot. It was a great release. And he had none other than Ted to thank.

A few days later Arthur would open a new book and found he needed something to hold his place. Amongst the receipts on his side table, the movie stub from Clerks 2. At the time, he threw it in the book without a second thought.

3 years later.

Reading one night, his mind wandering, Arthur looked down and saw the bookmark. It had never clicked in his mind before, but he now realized the personal value he placed on this old bookmark.

It was the embodiment of one the worst days he ever had. This simple piece of thermal paper, now torn, worn and unreadable, represented a moment when the least likely person could step forward and make your day better. A simple device used to turn a terrible day in to a happy ending.

Arthur smiled.

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