There is a God...and I can prove it! - Part 1

A childʼs smile, then hearing that child laugh.
The wheat fields of the Canadian Prairies.
The majestic mountains of Kilimanjaro
Even that name sounds cool!
The love between two lovers.
John Williams.
Star Wars, Superman, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, E.T., JFK…Come on only a God could create the man who made that!
Whales, the way they stick together as family.
The human race, the way they stick together as family.
Balloons in the sky, and the clouds that hold them.
The south pacific and that one little untouched island that Survivor hasnʼt been on yet.
My mom for loving that show.
And my dad for the one who PVRʼs it.
For sibling rivalry and sibling bonds.
For a motherʼs love for their sons.
For writing love letters and donʼt mail them because their love is too precious to get out
in the wild. It needs to be savoured.
The majestic eagle, and the burrowing earth worm.
In a world where Optimus Prime protects it by being in disguise, how can that not prove
there is a God?

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