Two Moons

Is it trite to say she had a celestial body?

Her clothes dissolved like clouds, she rose hands first
reaching up, enfolding & tumbling the stars
in her dance to your music –
a side-long whirl of my suburban planet.
Eyes soft-closed, heart open, deep and circling thighs,
the music of the spheres, yes?

Her own were round and full and snake-charming
She was folding herself like a lustrous thing,
luminous hips, lips
a full ascending moon.

Your gravity measured in your own eyes watching,
so steady and still and slow you took her.
One hand at a time,
deep encircling thighs –
I must have held my breath for half an hour
Watched her flower, fruit and fall again, again
Like no moon does but a woman’s moon,
Remembered the tenderness of it,
You on me
You and she
And watched you hold her steady.

Two moons, you told me once. Did you know the earth has two moons?

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