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I did it, I poisoned his drink and he collapsed. I cut his wrists using his hands so it looked like he cut himself to death and just left him in the bathroom. I stayed in the house in silence until I heard his mom scream.

I’m not a psychopath. No, really, I’m actually a calm and happy person. With a little evil in me, sure, but that doesn’t change who I really am. A normal kid you see everyday.

So I planned when I was going to kill him, doesn’t mean I’m crazy— I’m just intelligent. Intelligent enough that I investigated when his parents would be out for the night; made sure he had no plans that night; was sure his little sister was securely tucked into bed; was sure that he drank his soda after his favorite TV show, so I could sneak in and poison him. I even bought gloves for the occasion.

He got what he deserved. Karma’s a blind bitch and I was just guiding it; I was taking destiny into my own hands.

He won’t be calling anyone a faggot anymore. Even if I’m in jail and he’s in Hell.


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