Tell Me Elf

“Tell me,” she said sweetly, with a smile on her face.
“Why should I?” he said, grinning with mischief. Her smiled disappeared, replaced by a frown.
“Let’s just say it’s not an option,” she said, eyes flashing dangerously. His grin just widened. He shifted his shackles, and leaned back on the chair.
“Oh, but there’s always an option,” he said. He knew that it wasn’t smart to anger her, but he couldn’t resist. It was just so fun.
“Don’t push your luck elf,” she spat. He chuckled.
“Oh but my dear, you can’t push what you don’t have,” he said, and his grin became even bigger.
“You can’t refuse the fae folk. I said tell me where it is, and you have to tell me. No exceptions,” she said frostily. He raised his eye brow.
“But it’s an elf secret, so I can’t tell. If you really wanted to know, then you’d have to ask Lord Zekeliel,” he said seriously. She hissed in frustration.
“We wont get anything out of him. Bring in the next elf,” she said, and he was dragged away.

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