When you eliminate the impossible.

He stood over the corpse of his boss, and wondered why she’d changed sides. He’d never have believed it was possible for her to turn rogue. But she was the only one who’d known where he was. Where his fellow agents were hiding. As each agent died, he looked for a leak. A mole. A traitor.

In the end, she was the only one left. Above suspicion. But it was the only explanation that made sense.

Now what? He had killed her, with no hard evidence except the incontrovertible process of elimination. He was done for. He’d be tried for crimes against his country. That was okay, he decided. He’d done his job.

But why… he wondered. Why had she turned? And… why had she been so surprised to see him pull a gun on her? If she was guilty, why the shock when the bullets crashed into her chest? And what was it she was looking at when he entered the room?

On the desk, the video of the brainwashed agent killing his co-workers in Paris, played in a loop. She hadn’t been able to believe he’d been a rogue either.

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