Tyler Harris in 25 years

My Life in 25 years by Tyler Harris

In 25 years, I will have lived.

In my eyes, there are two things I must do in the next 25 years. I must participate in a skate tour, and I must record single on my guitar. In the end, though, I see these as run-ups. Things for the middle, the transition from now to then. I don’t think I’ll have a career in these areas. They’ll make me the money, but I’ll live by a different path. As for that path, I’m not sure. I get a feeling about being a chef. Cooking has always been one of my passions. As has cake.

I think that the money from early life will pay for a large mansion. I will be happy as I will have everything. As for my classmates, they would all live well. The ones I’m close to, anyway. Ben, Tim and Randy would live well. Kristin, Laura, Heidi, Ingrid and Maria would also have great lives. Matt and Juan would both have a wonderful life. Elizabeth Turner will no longer exist, however. There will be Elizabeth Harris instead. Along with little Nadia and Michael Harris.

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