Shatter Babies

The shatter babies swarmed over the hill.

Jeb and Pete opened up first, they were closest. They also got shattered first. Most of Pete’s head hit Timmy in the face, knocking him from his horse. To the horse’s credit when it flipped out it did trample 3 babies before one managed to shatter him.

The detonation of the horse was staggering. Gore and bone spattered them all. “Fuuuuuucckkkk!” Seth yelled as his body arced through the air to land on Timmy. Timmy oofed impressively, then they both oofed as a side of horse landed on them.

“Gah!” Seth added once he had air in his lung again, then rolled off Timmy and they both opened up on the 3 shatter babies bearing down on them.

They were hard to see and hit. Existing in 20 dimensions they were damn wobbly on the eyes. Best a fella could do was aim for the center and hope. Seven bullets later 3 babies were on the ground. They coalesced when killed, and it was then you could see their tentacled lips surrounding their pointy-toothed mouths.

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