The flip side of twitter

21:00 Off to Athens for two weeks in the sun! Whohoo!
21:30 Crap! Just realised I forgot my laptop. Will be forced to iPhone for 2 wks
22:05 Funny incident in security. Will blog about it later.
22:15 ARGH! My camera case is empty! I didn’t check it cuz I haven’t used it in ages!
22:16 If I remember correctly, it’s still attached to the new telescope in the attic.

It’s a shame there’s no way to tell who’s reading your Twitter feed. A burglar could read those, and think “Hmm, empty house for two weeks. Sounds like he’s got some stuff worth stealing.” It wouldn’t be too hard. My twitter account is linked to facebook. My address could be found without too much effort.

I checked my web-cam feed. It was still broadcasting to the internet, live and clear. Images of the doors to my home.

Far from any airport, I continued to sit at home, in the dark, with my gun cocked and my ears listening for any sounds. The worlds first online murder would be streamed tonight.

Come on you little thieves. I’m waiting for you.

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