The Runaways - Boredom

“Why does it have to be so boring here?” exclaimed James Cartwright as he extended his arms and leaned back in his chair, yawning the biggest yawn in all his fifteen years. He looked out his window at the darkness of the night. It was a warm, summer night, and James knew his summer vacation would be boring as hell.

Sitting back up, James grabbed his cell phone and texted his best friend, Lauren. Asking if she wanted to hang out tomorrow. He placed his phone back in his pocket, and after a few minutes, he felt it buzz in his pants. He pulled it out and saw Lauren’s answer. “Sure. When and where?”

“How about 1:00 at the park?”

He waited a few minutes and received her response. “Sounds good to me. I’ll see you then.”

“Yup. See you then.”

James yawned again as he put away his phone in his pocket. There was nothing to do. He tried reading a book, that got boring really fast. He tried playing a video game, but he kept dying. Finally he gave up. He was about to get changed to go to bed when the window cracked.

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