Ingrid Burundukov in 25 years

I do not know about college. Moma Decker say that word to me and smile. It is American way to get good job. She say I want to make money.

Money get you things. In Russia I had no money. I had to share bed, clothes, and food. In America I get own bed, clothes, food. I am happy.

I want to go back to Russia to share money. Children in Russia need money more. I want to give them money so they can go to school, get good job. But they need to learn to share. I will not give them own things. Americans don’t know how to share. Some nice. Some share. Many have own things and so much!

I will drive car, too. I do not know where I will live. I will go on plane to Russia, maybe live there and see Moma Decker sometimes. I thankful to her. She is sharing American.

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