From: Benjamin Kola To: Laura Wilson

Laura, hey! How are you doing? I might as well get the point. You know Randy, right? Uh, he might ask you out.

Ben looks up from his paper and across to Randy who is doing his work, then looks at Laura who is facing the window, daydreaming.

Don’t say yes. Ben writes quickly. Was this a bad idea? He’s writing in pen, there is no erasing it now. He could crumble it up and throw it away, but then someone would surely look in the trashcan for it. Rip it up? Too suspicious.

I saw him and— Ben takes a quick look around the room. Matt flirting and stuff outside of class. Just thought I should warn a friend cause he might use you.

Ben’s heart begin to race. The adrenaline of making up this lie excites Ben.

From a good friend, Ben.

He folds it up into a perfect square and gets up to throw a blank paper away. Luckily the recycling bin is close to Laura’s desk. As he walks he begins to make excuses to not do this, but he has to. This is the only way.

Laura waves when she sees Ben.

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