From Tim to Matt

Hey Matt.

Don’t you dare tell anyone about this, or it could mean my death. Or worse I could be off the basketball team. My bro gave me a bag of weed, and I dunno what to do. I thought since ur kinda emo or goth or something, you could help me. What do I do with it? I don’t even know how to smoke it. Not that I want to. Do you want it? I just gotta get rid of it. fast!

Tim crumpled the note into a ball. He really didn’t want to smoke it, but he wanted to look cool to his brother. Matt sat next to him, and judging on Tim’s basket ball skills it was a sure thing it would land on Matt’s desk.

Matt grabbed the ball of paper, and glared at Tim, thinking it was another joke like the other day with Liz’s hoops. He got up and threw the paper into the recycling bin. The rest of the period Tim squirmed. Anyone could see that note now.

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