From Liz to Ingrid

Hey Burundukov, the note started. Liz knew that Ingrid liked her for some strange reason. Of all the people in this school, why was it the damned foreigner that had to attach to her? Liz had tried to stop herself wondering why and just try to use that flimsy connection to her advantage. She just needed to get something off her chest.

I know you probably don’t care or even understand what the hell these words are. Can you even read English? Fuck. Whatever. In any case, do you know what analgesics are? Well, I’ll be taking a shitload of them tonight. I’m telling you so you can let everyone know when they finally get around to realizing I’m not here.

She tossed the note onto her desk. And with that, she had told someone. Her inability to cope with this useless world had now been shared with someone who either wouldn’t give two shits, or couldn’t even read the damned note.

And later today, after school, she would raid her mother’s medicine cabinet. Again.

She just needed to get something off her chest.

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