From Matt To Tim

Ok, gotta word this carefully. Can’t embarrass me or Heidi, but I gotta know.
do you know if Randy has a crush on anyone in our class?
No, too vague. Tim’s not that smart, I gotta spell this out.
Like, I dunno, Heidi or anybody? It’s not that I care or anything it’s just-
No way Tim gets anything real. I barely trust HEIDI with this info.
I like Heidi. Don’t tell anyone, okay, cuz even she doesn’t know.
At least if Heidi hears about it, I can just tell her the truth. She might be mad about the pact, but she’ll forgive me. We’re close.
But I think Randy’s got a thing for her. You’re his friend, so be straight with me. Does he?
Be straight with me. Heh.

Matt folds the paper carefully and clenches it tightly as he tries to catch Tim’s eye. He can’t, so he drops the note on the floor next to Tim’s shoe. While feigning innocence Matt fails to see a completely oblivious Tim step on his note.
Seconds pass.
A crumpled paper ball lands on Matt’s desk.

That dick didn’t even read it? Fuck Tim

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