Swift as a Shadow, Short as Any Dream

My lord, I shall reply amazedly
Did you ever read a Shakespeare play
and never understand a word they say?

He stood in the hallway, paralyzed in a moment of anxiety and fear. Her parents weren’t supposed to be home for hours.
“I believe I asked you a question.”
He could still hear the TV blaring from the other room.
“Don’t you pull that shit with me, why are you in my house and where are your pants!?”
His adam’s apple trembled as he swallowed.
“I cannot truly say how I came here but, as I think I came with Hermia hither-”
“Sarah, we told you our daughter’s name is Sarah.”
The wife’s voice was soft and melodic, surely that was where his darling Hermia found her own pleasing tones.
“We’ve called the police.”
“She dumped you six months ago, you have to stop coming here.”
“So quick bright things come to confusion.”
“He’s doing it again, he’s talking in metaphor.”
“I’m getting my bat.”
As he turned to flee he saw his fair Hermia, angelic as she slept.

The course of true love never did run smooth.

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