#55 Memory

Earlier my granddaughter asked if I had any memories in my music collection. At the time I said that I didn’t remember, and we had a giggle.

But now, I’ve had a little time to think and there is one that takes me right back to 2010. I pulled out Ocean Eyes by Owl City and have been holding it ever since, just reminiscing.

See, I saw Owl City performing on the 18th February, 2010. I still have the ticket in my scrapbook. Me and my girlfriends were getting ready for the first band when one of the tallest guys I ever met stood in front of us. We, being short, flirted and laughed to get him to move. Charlie.
Halfway through he bought me drinks (then I stole his) and we talked through all the bad songs.
I didn’t go home that night.

That was the first time I met my husband. He only died last year… in fact it feels like he’s still sitting next to me on my two-seater sofa.
I can feel the tears falling at the memory of him. I don’t want to wipe them. They penetrate the mask that has shadowed me since he left.

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