Red Wire

Reporters! Cherie hated reporters, nosing around, getting facts wrong. Luckily she never had to speak to them because when she got a case it was always confidential. But she had never seen this guy before and he looked like trouble.

“So, you think this girl is related to the other case?” asked Dean a little too loudly.
But it was too late, Reporter Boy heard. “What other case?” he shouted.
“Confidential!” Cherie threw the word at him wishing it were mace spray instead of sound waves.
She watched as the black bag was loaded into the ambulance and then stalked over to the nuisance. “This area is closed to the public.”

“The public, and women especially, have the right to know if this park is safe from murderers!” His face was flushed with the effort of fishing for information. Cherie was not going to feed him any tasty morsels.

“Who do you work for?”
“The Red Wire.”
“Never heard of it.”
“It’s online; News so hot it glows,” he beamed.
“Well this case is cold,” Cherie walked to her car.

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