Hey, Kid

Hey, kid.

Time travel really works, just like HG Wells said it would. We really enjoyed that book, you and I did. Remember when we read it last year?

You and me are the same person, kiddo; you are the younger, I am the older version of us. I’m not supposed to interfere with the time line, so I have to be careful what I say. That mentioned here are some things for you to think about while you are busy becoming me.

When your buddy Seth offers you a hit from that burnt rope-smelling cigarette, be more diplomatic when you tell him no. He’s not much fun as an enemy. Use a little tact, OK?

When the Mormons offer you lessons, tell ‘em yes. They have a great Boy Scout program at that church and it’ll keep you out of trouble – plus, you’ll meet Becky Jennsen, who will give you a new perspective on what “good girls” do.

Don’t ride shotgun in any car that is street racing. You’ll kill us if you do.

Be nicer to Mom. She won’t be with us as long as you think.

Read everything.

Trust no one 100%.

Take care, kid.

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