Degradation of friendship

The four of them sat in a square, in the room. They were really good friends, Michael, Sam, Alan and Oli.

This had all happened from the lack of clear instruction. With the absence of the usual authorative figure, the position was siezed and neglected.

As the missiles flew overhead, they talked. It’s all they had to pass the time, talking and writing. But in such close quarters, Sam got a bit cranky. Alan, as is his way, slapped Sam. Lightly, only doing it for a laugh. After all, this wasn’t a really funny situation. Sam tried to slap him back, and they made a game of it. Oli and Michael stopping Sam from getting Alan.


It all happened so fast. Mike went to get water, the moment they got out and the missiles had stopped flying. He turned, and Alan was running with Sam in pursuit, Oli not far behind. He joined in the chase.

Alan paused for breath and Sam was upon him, slapping him. Suddenly, Michael crashed into him, and Alan broke free. Alan escaped. Mike was left to wonder; How did this happen?

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