The Unsent Letter

You tore me apart without touch
And avoided seeing the scars.
You swore it was just temporary
And you made it permanent.
So I wrote you a letter.

Time had passed,
I put my anguish on the back-burner.
Little did I know, it started a brush fire
In the back of my bushy mind.
So I revised the letter.

You slyly extended your hand
And I eagerly bit the line.
You had me convinced there was
Friendly bait this time.
So I rethought the letter.

There was no pot full of gold,
Nor a basket full of puppies.
I ordered caviar from your menu,
And all you served me was dirt.
So I refined the letter.

Then I caught a glimpse of you
As you unknowingly passed me by.
Your picture sublimed to carbon dioxide
For the first time in months.
Your deceptive innocence evoked
No more injury than a picked scab.

And you were smiling.
So I shredded that letter.

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