Hollywood Dragon

They inundate every culture’s legends. Why? Because of that foolish pipsqueak of a lizard with wings – the yellow dragon. It’s his fault. His curiosity could not be satisfied. He was determined to explore the forbidden regions. All dragons knew better than to disobey the Order, even him, yet he went anyway.

There, hidden deep within a rocky forest grove, he found the portal, and mesmerized, he stepped through.

He did not find what he expected. On the other side was a harsh world, loud, and nearly colorless. Frightened, he returned through the portal, but it was too late. He had been seen.

Within hours, luminescent portals began appearing across their world. Strangers stepped through, stealing the dragons and taking them back to their worlds. The dragons had never experienced anything like this in their history, and unprepared, they were taken.

Now the world of dragons is empty. Some question if it still exists. Whether it does or not, one dragon won’t be returning. He’s too popular here.

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