Cowboy Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of your very first genuine cowboy hat! We here at GCHI strongly believe in delivering our customers the full experience and want them to get the most out of our products. Read the following instruction leaflet to fully appreciate your new purchase.

1) Travel backwards in time.

2) Move to Arizona or any other western state.

3) Become either a prospector, rancher, sheriff, outlaw or any other fitting occupation.

4) Go to a Saloon on a street of mud.

5) Play poker.

6) When you get cheated, do not retaliate for chances are the hooligans who cheated you have guns.

7) Buy a gun.

8) Return to previous saloon after approximately one week.

9) If the hooligan who cheated you is present, buy him lots of whiskey.

10) Shoot said hooligan.

11) If the now dead hooligan was part of a posse, leave the saloon ASAP. We recommend stealing a horse if you do not own one already.

12) If you get stopped by an enforcer of the law, bribe him.

13) Ride off into the sunset.

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