Outrunning Your Past (III)

He throws me in the back seat and locks the door of the car. He drives quickly so I have no chance of escaping. I’m more afraid that he’s driving while high then where I’m going.

“You left me before I woke up! I wanted to see you!”

“Well, I’m not sure your wife would really want to see me in her bed, now would she?”

“She wouldn’t mind, no. She—she not home a lot,”

“I didn’t want your kids asking questions, either,” I look out the window and watch the cars fly by, they’re flying a little too fast, “How fast are we going?”

“Don’t know, but I don’t want to lose you this time!”

“Could you quit shouting and slow down? We can get in an accident,” He doesn’t slow down and now I’m beginning to freak out. I try and relax because right now, panicking isn’t going to help the situation. Until he begins to slowly go on the different side of the road. I climb to the passenger seat and notice he’s passing out.

“Uhmmmnumn,” He doesn’t move and when I hear a truck’s honk, I officially begin to freak out.

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