Z is for Zombie

I held my shotgun up to the mouth of the charred zombie creature and pulled the trigger. Zombie brains spattered onto the cement wall behind it spelling out “Brains” with the blood and pieces of its head. My last shell hit the ground

I turned around to find 3 more zombies approaching me, dragging their legs, and moaning in horror. Swinging the shotgun, I lopped off the first zombie head. It hit the ground with a “Mush.” The other two zombies were right behind me. I flung a roundhouse kick right through the stomach of the one on the left.

“(After a Chuck Norris style kick such as this, you would think I would be able to finish the last one off……but my foot was stuck in the torso of the zombie.)”

The third zombie tackled me to the ground. He smelled like rotting garbage. His teeth sank into my neck as the other bit into my hip. My eyes, bloodshot, darted back and forth as the colors of the world faded, and I was eaten alive.

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