Data Exchange

Vicki thought she had covered her tracks well, acting calm and collected, like nothing was amiss while Karen was around. Her secret drops went perfectly, her secret calls and meetings with her new handler were always alone, when Karen was not around. There was no reason for her to feel this nervous.

But she had noticed Karen looking at her funny out of the corner of her eye, and she had started taking a leadership role, bossing her, instead of being a team player. It was as if she wanted Vicki under her control. They say you should keep your enemies closer. All these things made Vicki sure that Karen knew she was being double crossed.

Vicki pulled the Drive out of the machine and reached for her gun. She was stopped by a click in her right ear. Karen had drawn her weapon already.

“Karen, I..”
“Hands up Vicki. Who are you working for?”

Vicki knew Karen never missed her shots and never pulled them on purpose. She raised her hands, still holding the zip drive. Karen grabbed it and shoved Vicki to the door.

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