There Are Two Kinds of Pain

His smile faded once he noticed a tear run down her face. Her lips began to twitch slightly as if she were talking without sound. When he saw more tears slide down her cheek, he forced himself to sit up. He slowly and painfully moved his body into the floor next to her. Taking her hand he whispered her name as loud as his voice would allow him. The touch of his hand to hers seemed to startle her as her eyes shot open. Her breathing slowly became normal again as she half-way focused in on his face, his smell, and his touch. But while her breathing calmed, her tears grew worse, and she clenched her teeth in an effort to keep them from flowing.
Knowing she was in any kind of pain hurt him worse than his own physical pain did. He took a deep breath and held it in an attempt to lessen his bodily pain; he wrapped his arms around her, picking her up and laying her gently on the bed.

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