Starbucks ritual

Seth has a ritual when he’s writing and that’s to go to Starbucks. It’s like his candy store. Not only can he get writing done, but he can watch that hot blonde in the pant suit and thinking of great ways to strangle her without touching her. He knows that the blonde catches him staring and she thinks it’s just honest flirting, which she reciprocates. Little does she know she just became the victim in Seth’s mind and in his next book.

Seth smiles back as he puts his headphones on so he can listen to classical music while he enters in a character name of “Jessica” on his outline. She’s the first to go.

Next he stares at a short black woman walk in and impatiently huffs as she sees the line is a bit long. In Seth’s mind he’s already backhanded slapped her across the face. He then enters a name of “Sasha” as the next character name in the outline. She’s the cop who gets it in Act 2.

Soon he sees a cute brunette walk in, and his imagination gets too wild, so he gets up and stands behind her in line.

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