The Taste of Freedom

The study was dark, lit only by the fireball that was once the garden shed. The silence, when compared to the sounds of flame, explosions and death, was eerie. The sounds of more distant flames, shrieks of zeds and the newly falling rain seemed like background noise. From what I could hear, they hadn’t noticed our escape.

We weren’t out the woods yet though, this part of the house was more confined so an encounter would finish us. Not to mention that it wouldn’t be long before the fire spread.

“We need to move towards the side door and out to the garage quickly, before they realize our absence” I whisper into Jess’ ear, sure to be as quiet as possible.

“And if we run into any en route, no guns.” she added, running her thumb along the blade of her newly acquired sword.

We moved towards the study door and out. The few zombies in the hall stood no chance against her silent blade and my trusty crowbar. We were on our way. I saw a grin splash across her face and knew that she, like me, could taste freedom.

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