Trust is a Whisper

“What brings you to our camp?”

“I’m here to see why the People of Secrets were violating my domain.”

“Do you not fear us? You know our reputation.”

“Are you such cowards that you would threaten innocent men, during honest discourse?”

“Would that it were like you say, but I smell salt on the wind- and it pleases me not.”

“A common defense against impropriety and boorish behavior.”

“You accuse me of poor manners? It is not I who comes to your table, salt in hand, as if I didn’t trust your cooks nor your taste.”

“You did not come to my table at all, or even knock on my door. Instead, you crossed my lands without as much as a by-your-leave. If you come as thief, I’ll treat you as a thief.”

“Is that what we are to you? Thieves? Truly your people have forgotten the old ways. It is typical that you would forget the bargains and treaties, the honorable accords and the bitter pacts, yet you keep weapons of war as common knowledge for every child to know and remember. Are we your devils, or are you ours?”

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