Where There's Smoke, There's Fire (I)

The truck keeps honking, trying to warn us that we’re about to get hit, but there is no way I can move. Marcus is too heavy too move and I have no time to move him, so I push his leg to make the gas go faster. We zoom by the truck, missing it just barely, but we pass it. Unfortunately, fate isn’t a pretty thing. Last thing I see is the airbag in my face, before I pass out.

“Hey there, sweetie, you a’right?” The smell of smoke shoots a chill down my spine and my eyes burst open. I look to my left, seeing Marcus bleeding heavily. To my right, a man with a scruffy beard is smiling his yellow teeth at me. He opens the car door and I feel weak, so as he pulls me out, I don’t object.

“Wha… what’s going on?” I cough.

“You hit a tree, there, s’eetie. Your boyfrie’d, don’t look too good.”

“What the fuck are you,” cough, “waiting for? Call the ambulance!”

“Right, right. But lemme take to you to my truck sweetie, you be safer there,” I don’t have the physical strength to object. This is probably a bad idea.

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