Witch and Wizard: The Nessy Edition


Night is supposed to be peaceful. Correct? Blinding white lights and sirens woke me up at three in the morning. Totally peaceful. My mother and Father screamed for me to run. Twenty or so, burly men busted in my door and grabbed me. “Nerissa Goodwater you are hereby accused of being a witch. You will be held in custody until your trial.” One of the grey uniformed goons said reading a decree.

I was allowed one possession. I grabbed my diary with my lucky pen. “Say goodbye now.” One of the goons said, “Because you will never see them again.” I ran to my parents and hugged them tightly, “I’ll come for you.” I whispered to them as I held back tears. “Find the Allgoods. Together you will save the world.” My father whispered in my ear. They both kissed my cheeks. a goon grabbed my neck and dragged me from my home. I never knew if I’d see it again.

With one final struggle I kicked the goon, that had my neck, in his knee-cap. He buckled to the ground with the force of the blow still gripping my waist.

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