It hurts on the inside, seeing them together like that. I’ve never hurt so much before. I didn’t feel like this when I fell and scratched my knees on the concrete outside our little house on Maplewood. My feelings weren’t anywhere close to this when my furry white poodle ran away last spring. Surely, my body has never ached in such torment as this. Seeing him with her has twisted my insides into a knot that can never be unwraveled. I will rot in my tomb with these feelings of anguish. I am sure of it.
Mother has told me not to fret. She has cooked a warm pot of soup to quell my emotions. I can’t imagine eating it, though. My life has come to an end. I will never be that fun loving girl again. Instead, I willl live a life of misery and heartache. I will never recover from this sickness that has taken over me. I am nothing but a walking empty corpse, walking amongst the living.

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