Which One? Which One?

Damon turned off the TV, and everyone crowded around the DVDs that were piled off to one corner of the room.
“Let’s watch Zombieland next,” Jenna said, waving the DVD case in the air.
“No way. I’ve seen that like ten times already. Let’s watch The Mist,” Byron said. He picked up the case. The others groaned. Byron was always suggesting Stephen King related things.
“I already saw that movie,” Clara complained. She started digging through the mountain of movies.
“Is there anything here none of us has seen?” Damon asked. He too was looking at case after case.
“There should be. My mom just bought a whole bunch of new movies,” Jenna replied.
“Here! None of us have seen A Haunting in Connecticut. It’s actually based on a ture story too,” Clara said. She jumped up form the floor, and went to put the disk in. But once she hit play, the lights went out.

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