Unravelling the case

Jack Sawyer stepped under the yellow tape and strode across to where his partner was waiting for him. “What have we got?” was his first question.

“Twenty-two year old gunshot-victim, found sitting up against a tree.” Was Catherine Yates’ reply.

“Any key evidence found so far?”

“The woman was found with a bag containing several millions of dollars, a suitcase containing clothes and valuable items, and there was a train ticket in her pocket, she got off at the station a few miles that way.” She gestered with one hand, “This evidently wasn’t a random robbery, or the money would have been stolen. What do we do now?”

“Well, I think we should go about this by following several different leads with numerous suspects, which will lead us to one piece of key evidence, which, when combined with other evidence, incriminates a person we had already cleared significantly enough to gain warrants to allow us to confirm our suspicions, ultimately culminating in the arrest of one of the least likely suspects.”

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