Design Flaw

“Okay, so this castle is completely safe?” King Karl asked as he stared at the architect’s plans.

“Yes, absolutely,” answered the architect with a grin.

“So there is not a single inch of the castle that can be infiltraded or…”

“Not a spot,” smiled the architect, before his face fell a little. “There is one spot…”


“Well, if a bullet were to hit this single ten centimetre squared panel it would trigger a reaction that would cause the whole castle to explode.”

“Wait,” the King said, looking bemused at the man. “The whole castle will explode? Bit of a design flaw, don’t you think? I’ve seen the movies and the rebellion almost always finds that spot.”

“No,” the architech said firmly. “The chances of them discovering the panel are miniscule. It looks like an ordniary brick.”

“I’m not sure…”

“This castle will not be brought down.” The architect came to rue his words as the leader of the rebellion hit that panel and the King’s face reddened.

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