Why I love reading

Growing up I loved books. I loved them so much that my family dentist, whom I only saw once a year when I was a kid, would always ask me “What books are you reading?”

I remember days when my mom would call out from the kitchen while my brother and I were playing, “Who wants to go to the library?” I was always the first to get up and get my shoes on before my mom would even leave the kitchen.

Going to the library was special for us because it was a trek to get there. My mom didn’t have a second car so we walked 45 minutes from the suburbs, across a huge bridge, and then downtown to get to our local library. It seemed like a long time to get there, but it was so much fun.

I was only allowed a certain amount each time, so I chose my books carefully.

When we got home, we would sit down on the couch and one by one, my mom would read each book to us out loud, until we were old enough to read for ourselves.

To this day I still wish I could have my mom read to me.

That’s why I love reading.

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