Like a vampire's

I ran into the office, John was already in there. “Come on!” I yell, “We have to barricade the door! Whatever killed Amy, Jess, Ryan, Liz, Rufus, Alex and David is still out there!” He sprung up at my command and aided me in securing the threshold. We slumped back down against the wall, panting.

“Did you see their bodies?” He asked me.

“Yeah, massive teeth marks, like a vampire’s.”

“But a vampire is two, isn’t it? Not six.”

“I don’t think the details matter, seven people are dead, we’re alive, and four others are still out there, and in god knows what state.”

“Yeah, where do you think the others are?”

“Probably the library, it only has one door with access to the house, so they’ll see it coming. It also has a door to the grounds to escape.”

“Yeah… I should check it out later. All this death, it’s so… empowering.”


“So many victims claimed by the zoanthrope… and I was the first.”

“Oh… Oh! Oh! Oh, it’s you!”

“Yes, Mitchell, John died weeks ago.”

And he lunged, huge teeth glinting.

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