Cemetery Revelations (part of nano novel)

His grave marker was small, but I knew where to look. I sat beside it in the fresh spring grass.

“Dad, I have seen something weird. You always seemed to understand my second sight, always believed me. But there is this guy that I can’t see. I have never encountered a person who had no aura . Do you think he is dead? Like a vampire or something?”

I listen to myself utter those words and thought how silly they sounded in the cool spring air and warm sunshine on my skin.

“No. He’s just different. What if he has a gift too? Yeah, Dad, maybe that’s it. He has a gift too. I’ve never met anyone else who has gifts. Probably they are hiding it, like me, but I think I would like to. I’d like to meet him and find out about his gift.” The wind blew some fake flowers around the graves. Tumbling red and pink across the light green lawn.

“Are there others out there, Dad, like me?” I closed my eyes. I reached as far as I could with my second sense, and I thought I caught someone behind me. I turned but they were gone.

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