Second Chancers - At the Beach

The vessel rested alone on the beach, a blanket of snow collecting on its metallic hide. Only the howling of the wind gusts permeated the cold silence. Night had fallen on Iceland, shrouding the mysterious craft in darkness.

The stillness was penetrated by a sudden whirring from within the metal beast. Two large panels parted on the forward hull, making way for a ramp which came to rest in the snow. A halogen glow beamed out of the opening, flooding a sliver of beach in white light.

A slender figure emerged from the interior of the craft, throwing a long shadow down the ramp. He walked down the slope with a confident stride, sinking his heavy boots into the deep snow. His dark hair and brown skin became freckled by white flakes instantly.

He glanced around curiously at his surroundings, drinking in the scene. He extended his tongue and tasted the falling snow. A childlike smile played across his face as he enjoyed the bitter cold.

His dermal link chirped. Howe, report. a voice commanded.

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