Dreams of Piracy

Three boys crowded around the prow of their stolen boat betraying little of the excitement in their hearts.

James turned to the others, his thin face framed by long dark curls that cascaded from under a feathered hat.

“We made a mistake in not killing the guards.” he said.

“We’re in my element now, nothing can harm us.” Dakkar said.

Yet.” The third boy finished softly. He was the youngest at sixteen and maintained a certain kind of spindly awkwardness about him.

“Howard, this was your idea.”

“I know. I guess I just feel like I’m in one of my dreams.” He avoided looking at the other two.

James clasped him on the shoulder. “We stole a boat, we’re pirates now. Try and act like one.”

“Aw, leave him alone. You know how his moods can get. He’s not comfortable out here like you and I.” Dakkar said. He had the lean swarthiness of an Indian and fancied himself a prince of the sea.

James looked at Howard with cold blue eyes.

“If you fear the sea, it will consume you. Command it and it will serve you.”

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