The Continuum Welcomes Responsible Dog Owners

Marty let his forehead thud against the steering wheel. If only he’d asked the Doc how to operate the hover system. As it was, he was trapped. A pick-up truck was parked inches from the DeLoreon’s rear bumper, and resting against the front bumper was a sort of blue police booth. Marty glared at it through the steering wheel. It definitely hadn’t been there when he’d parked.
“The Doc better be back soon,” Marty sighed to Einstein, the sheepdog on the rear seat.

A Short Time Earlier

The Doctor was unimpressed. Moments earlier, he had been enjoying his jaunt to California. Now he stared at a shaggy great mutt with its leg cocked, piss streaming onto his TARDIS. He snapped a length of scarf at it, his curls bobbing furiously. The brute didn’t flinch. A length of rope tied it to a nearby preposterous vehicle.
“K-9, avenge us!” The Doctor directed his own dog’s attention to the car.
“Master, this unit does not produce organic waste.”
The Doctor harumphed and began plotting a delicate 4 metre spatial jump.

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