The waves crashed on the rocky atlantic coast below as on the cliff above Duncan stood. The sun over head, the sky the softest blue without a puffy cloud in the sky. The grass blew wistfully left to right and back again as the soft wind caressed it’s green brilliance. They felt soft and cool to Duncan’s bare feet. His body cooled by the ocean wind.

Slowly Duncan lifted his violin towards his chin. The red wood gleaming in the sun showing it’s dents and knicks from a long time of sharing music. Duncan raised his bow and gently slid the fine horse hairs across the E String letting the sound gently waft around him. Duncan closed his eyes as his bow then took on a mind of its own. Each note, each vibration of his fingers made the violin sing beautifully. The sounds this violin made were the songs of angels as he played. The vibrations underneath his chin made Duncan’s body shiver as goosebumps went down his spine.

Amidst all the gorgeous sounds Duncan played, he never heard a note. Duncan was deaf.

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