Initiation, part 1

That was it. My point of no return. I instantly regretted saying it, knowing the inevitable reply. I took a deep breath, as if trying to suck the words back in before they reached her. I could see her sizing me up, putting me through a mental test. “Yeah, sure, how about Saturday?”

Come Saturday, I went to her door to pick her up. She came to the door in an elegant green dress, matching her eyes. I looked deep into the vast green expanses and smiled. This love was so significant, the stars would notice.

Come Monday, We’re back at school. Girls ask “Wanna go to the prom with me, Tyler?” But I had experienced the purest love, and temptation wouldn’t claim me.

Just before prom, I take Liz back to my house for a home-cooked dinner. My father whispers “Good work, son, she’s a stunner!” I smile. She enjoyed the romance of it, whilst I enjoyed the perfection of the moment.

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