You ever have a day where you wish you could go back and start over?

Yeah. me too.

Sometimes life hands you lemons in the form of illness, being the scapegoat, or even just bad luck. Whether you believe in karma or happy accidents or the will of the Almighty, life is full of imperfect moments.

We don’t get an Easy button, nor an Edit button, time just goes on and leaves us to deal with it.

How we deal with it, that is another story. We can cry, run, fight, ignore, soak it up, lash out, or fix it.

The story is really there, in the unedited cuts of our lives. Its where we learn, grow, entertain, fall, and get back up. Who we are is uncut. The edited versions of ourselves we show to others is only a part of us, and our true characters are underneath. What makes us who we are is what’s on the cutting room floor.

Being vulnerable feels uncomfortably naked. We want to add some walls and put on layers.

The practice of editing ourselves for others is an adult one, conformity. Children don’t have that luxury.

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