Falling for Food

As the stairs wound down and around, the smell of food became more pronounced. Grilled meat, funnel cakes, and pizza all roiled together in the air to give off the same smell as the campus carnival. It smelled like heaven.

The light dimmed as Jordan descended further. If it’s so dark down here, then where was the light upstairs coming from?

Between her overpowering hunger, her question about lights, and generally weird night, she tripped. Her sneaker caught on a ridge of a curiously slanted stair and she teetered on the edge, her hands groping for anything to hold on to. They found nothing, no walls or banisters. She flailed helplessly, knowing she was going to fall, before tumbling head over heels down the stairs- backpack of books slamming into her painfully, while her head, back, arms and legs took turns cushioning the rest of her body.

Jordan landed at the foot of the stairs, in an embarrassed heap of scrapes and bruises.

“Nice entrance. O-M-G. Eww. Who invited Luckless?”

Jordan hated that voice.

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