Something to Feel

All of a sudden the space around me melted away back into the alley through which I was lead.

The cloud of dust settled to the ground revealing a crowd of people wrapped in woven fabrics other than the tweed I am used to. The colors were brilliant, and I could actually touch them.

From the back of the crowd the boy pushed himself to the front with me. It was so nice to see a familiar face against the collage of strangers.

I reached out for him, nearly throwing my arms around him in my relief and excitement. But as I came near his body he took a step back then looked to the ground, almost as with regret. But this was no time to ponder it. The crowd of people was still as silent, they were waiting and watching; their eyes direction split between me and the boy.

I looked to him; finding him staring at me. Though when our eyes met he looked away.

I could hear him mumbling under his breath, and the crowd was deeply intent on what he was saying but all I could make out was,

“Girl… seen…”

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